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Water Heaters Le Roy IL

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There are two varieties of tankless Water Heaters Le Roy IL: point-of-use water heaters and whole-house water heaters. Point-of-use systems are smaller and heat water for use at one or two outlets. For example, at a kitchen or bathroom sink. On account of their compact size, point-of-use units can fit beneath a cabinet or inside a closet.

They’re advantageous because they can locate close to the outlet and prevent water loss because of lag time. Lag time is how long it takes for hot water to flow to the point of use. In larger home, the lag time can in some cases be lengthy – even up to several minutes.

This basically means that though your water heating bill may be declining, your water consumption increases. This is a factor to think about if you’re considering a tankless water heater. Whole-house systems are bigger and can supply more than one point-of-use at a time.

Water Heaters Le Roy IL

With tankless water heaters, you can select from natural gas or electric varieties. Point-of-use models are typically electric. Whole-house systems are often propane or natural gas. The model to choose for your home depends on a few factors:

-The amount of hot water you’ll want at a given time. Also known as the flow rate.

-The temperature increase. Or, the difference between the groundwater temperature and the temperature at the point-of-use.

Water heaters that are natural gas or propane-powered typically supply more “juice” than electric units. They are ideal for whole-house water heating systems. Electric models are more appropriate for point-of-use situations.

However, sometimes homeowners prefer to position two electric water heaters in parallel rather than one gas-powered unit. Call the Water Heaters Le Roy IL experts at CK Brush and learn more about the benefits of tankless at 309-808-3768.