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As a general guideline, it’s time to consider replacing a water heater when it’s about ten years old. Another sign is simply when you run out of hot water faster and faster. However, these two obvious factors aren’t the only things to watch for. Certainly, it’s possible to have a water heater that’s 15 years old that works fine. So here’s a dependable rule to practice: replace your water heater if the tank shows signs of deteriorating. To know if this is occurring, watch for these telltale signs.

-The water appears rusty. As a water heater’s storage tank ages it can become vulnerable to rust. Consequently, the rust will get into your household’s supply of hot water, which causes discoloration.

However, discoloration could also result from corrosion occurring in the plumbing if it is galvanized iron. This is still a problem, but getting a new water heater will not solve it. Another cause of discoloration in water could be due to the local water supply. To determine if it is the water heater causing it, simply switch on your cold water tap. If the cold water discoloration then the water heater is not the culprit. If the cold water is clear but the hot water is not, then it’s likely the water heater is the cause.
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-The water heater tank leaks. When a water heater’s storage tank is leaking it’s a sure sign of deterioration. In this case, you’ll want to replace it with a new one as soon as you can. However, consult with our plumbers first because there are some instances where it’s possible to repair leak. For example, when the leak occurs at the seal around the unit’s drain spigot, a plumber can repair it.