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Water Heaters Bloomington IL

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Water Heaters Bloomington IL

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Does it take longer and longer for the water to heat up when you turn the shower on? Hearing weird noises from your water heater? There are some sure signs that water heaters commonly display when they are malfunctioning and need repair or simply at the end of their service life and ready for replacement.

Some of the most common include:

-Your water heater is more than or close to ten years old. For the most part, water heaters will usually last for around a decade without problems until they need replacement.

It’s possible that yours might hang in there for another year or so beyond that tenth anniversary, but at that point it’s a good idea to start planning for a new Water Heaters Bloomington IL.

If the existing water heater was in place when you moved in to your home and you’re not sure of its age, simply locate the serial number. If the sticker does not show the date of installation, simply type the serial number into the manufacturer’s website to find the information.

-Water is rusty and discolored. When you switch on the hot water, if the clear water you’re expecting actually appears rusty, it’s a warning sign that you should call your local plumbing experts at CK Brush for water heaters Bloomington IL service.

Water Heaters Bloomington IL

-Lack of hot water. This is, of course, the clearest sign of a problem with a Water Heaters Bloomington IL. No hot water coming out of the tap or shower may be the result of a couple factors. One could simply be that your pilot light went out or something caused a circuit breaker to trip.

Another cause could be that water heater is aging out of its useful service life.

-Sediment collecting at the base of the unit. Sandy, murky water is a sign that sediment is building up in the tank. It may be possible to restore normal function by draining the contents of the tank to remove the sediment.

-Strange odors or taste. When you run the hot water, does it have a metallic taste or odor to it? This, too, is a sign that the unit is breaking down. The unpleasant taste and odor is likely because flakes and particles from the inside of the tank are mixing into the water supply.

-Problems with the thermostat. If the water can achieve a tepid, room temperature but doesn’t seem to get any warmer, it is frequently a sign that the heating element on the unit is faltering. Adjust the thermostat to ensure the temperature setting is between 120 and 140 degrees.

A setting lower than that range could provide warm yet not hot water.

-Water consumption is a factor. How frequently does your household consume hot water? A water heater in a home with seven occupants that each use hot water on a daily basis will naturally not last as long as a unit in a home with one or two occupants.

-Odd sounds. Unusual sounds are always a sign that something is happening with an appliance. If your water heater is making loud pops or rumbling noises for example, it may be a sign minerals are building up on the connection between the heating elements and the interior heater.

Similar to other major appliances like an air conditioner or a furnace, loud noises indicate a device that is probably about to break down.

-Needs repairs frequently. If you’ve been making a lot of repair calls for your water heater, it might be time to get a new Water Heaters Bloomington IL.

-Leaks. With any component of a plumbing system, leaks are not a positive development. If you see water pooling around the water heater it signals the tank is at the end of its lifespan. Slow leaks and drips can escalate fast, resulting in flooding if the whole tank breaks.

Don’t hesitate to call us to install a new Water Heaters Bloomington IL when your existing unit starts to leak.

Need a New Water Heater Bloomington IL? Consider the Benefits of Tankless!

Also commonly known as instant or on-demand water heaters, tankless units offer multiple advantages over a tank-style, conventional Water Heaters Bloomington IL. For many Illinois home and commercial building owners, they can be a smart investment.

Unlike conventional water heaters, which must continuously consume energy to sustain a supply of hot water, the tankless variety only expends energy after you switch on the hot water tap or if you or someone in your household is using appliances.

This on-demand type of function results in the biggest advantage of going tankless: cost and energy savings. In addition to that significant point, there are many other reasons to select a tankless water heater for your home:

-Tankless water heaters can produce a practically supply limitless hot water.
-They don’t take up as much space as a conventional Water Heaters Bloomington IL.
-They are less vulnerable to developing leaks
-Tankless units are a safe appliance.
-Their average service life is very long in comparison to tank-style units.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of a tankless Water Heaters Bloomington IL and why it may be right for your home or business:

-Long-term savings. The main benefits to a tankless Water Heaters Bloomington IL is its remarkable energy efficiency, which translates to money savings every month. A tank-style unit consumes energy on an ongoing basis in order to maintain a sufficient temperature setting for a tank that holds 40 or 50 gallons of water so it’s ready for use.

Tankless water heaters, in contrast, do not have to maintain all those gallons of hot water – it’s ready on-demand instead. That means that it does not have what’s known as “stand by” heating loss.

When a shower, appliance or tap turns on, cold water moves through the tankless unit where it is heated up by either electrical coils or a gas-fired burner. After the water heats – which only takes a few seconds – it then moves through the plumbing pipes and out the showerhead, tap or other outlet in the home.

-Takes up less room. Usable space is a valuable commodity in any home or commercial building. This is a where a tankless Water Heaters Bloomington IL offers another significant advantage. They are typically wall-mounted and take up a lot less space than a tank-style unit.

-Less change of leaks and water damages. One of the big risks with a tank-style heater is that over time corrosion can start to happen due the build-up of minerals in the tank. Inevitably, that means a leak that can spill out onto your basement floor and create a serious problem.

By the very design of tankless units, there is simply no risk of damaging leaks.

This does not necessarily mean tankless water heaters are fully immune to problems. But even if they develop an issue, the odds of it resulting in a significant leak that impacts your whole basement are low.

-A long lifespan. While it can vary, a tank-style, conventional Water Heaters Bloomington IL usually has a life expectancy of approximately eight to 12 years. Compare that to the average 20 year lifespan of a tankless unit.

If you are planning to remain in your current home for many years to come, this makes installing a tankless Water Heaters Bloomington IL an option worth considering.

-A safe option. Many industry experts contend that tankless water heaters are simply safer than tank-style, conventional options. Along with the fact that there is no large tank that could burst or leak, tankless units enable you to have accurate control of the water temperature. This reduces the risk of burns.

Ready to Install a Tankless Water Heaters Bloomington IL? Call CK Brush today.

Got a Leak? Call 309-808-3768 for Plumbing Services including Water Heaters Bloomington IL

With any type of plumbing system, water, slab or gas leaks are a big concern that need to be resolved in a timely, professional manner. At CK Brush, we use only the best, most accurate leak detection tools so we can locate the source promptly and start fixing the problem as soon as possible in order to limit water damage and restore proper plumbing service.

If you are seeing signs of a leak, call on our local plumbing experts for leak detection that gets the job done.

A plumbing leak can be a major problem for any home or commercial building owner. Even a relatively minor leak can rapidly waste an enormous amount of water each month and do extreme water damage that can be very expensive to repair. To that end, it’s essential to find and stop leaks as fast as possible.

But finding plumbing leaks can be very difficult. For instance, if it is occurring in a hidden, out-of-view location like behind a wall, there could be no obvious or easily noticeable signs that the leak exists. The consequences, however, can be bad if the matter does not get resolved.

Reach out to the experienced plumbers at CK Brush for leak detection and repair today if you suspect a leak in your plumbing system.

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