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Energy-efficient water heaters for your Bloomington home.

From laundry and showers to cleaning and more, hot water on-demand is critical for any household’s daily routine. Certainly, the cost to heat water for most residences can account for as much as 20 percent of monthly energy costs. For that reason, it’s obvious why it’s so important for your home to have a dependable water heater that performs at maximum efficiency.

Affordable Water Heaters Bloomington IL Installation and Repair

If you’re ready for a new water heater, contact CK Brush today to schedule an appointment with one of our service techs. We’ll perform a thorough assessment of your heating system. Then, we’ll recommend the size and type of heater that’s right for your home. Also, we can take you through the process of water heater installation to help you make an informed decision.

The question of how long a water heater will last is a common one. Generally, homeowners can plan for their water heater to last approximately ten years. However, electric water heaters may function a little longer in comparison to natural gas units. Note that the type of unit is not necessarily best indicator of how long a water heater lasts. Rather, the use and maintenance of the water heater is more of a factor.

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Common Signs that a Water Heater is Close to Failing

When a water heater stops working, it is more than simply an inconvenience. Certainly, a failing water heater can even result in leaks and water damage to your basement. The positive news is that they usually show signs as they near the end of their service lifespan. Watch for the following indications that it is probably time to replace your water heater.

-Age of the unit. In many cases, as a water heater approaches the ten year mark, it’s time to begin looking for a replacement. If you are unsure how old your water heater is, there is probably a large sticker on it with that information. Or, simply take a look at the owner’s manual.

-Rusty, discolored water. When hot water coming out of your faucets looks rusty, this warns of a problem with the water heater’s tank. If rust appears when your run cold water, then the issue may be with the pipes.

-Strange noises. Just like with the other major appliances in your home, strange sounds from the water heater are a warning sign. Loud banging or rumbling noises indicate your water heater is likely at the end of its lifespan. Keep in mind that minor ticking or other relatively softer sounds are normal. It’s the louder, sudden sounds that indicate a problem.

Basically, if installation of your water heater was over ten years ago, contact the Water Heaters Bloomington IL experts. At CK Brush, one of our specialties is installing quality water heaters for homes throughout McLean County.

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If the cost of your water heating bills is rising lately, it could be time to get a new heater. Likewise if you have to turn your faucets more and more to draw hot water. Lastly, if you continually need service for your water heater, it’s likely time to stop spending money on it.