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Toilet Bloomington IL

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Households depend on functioning toilets every day. But toilets are typically not something most homeowners consider until a problem occurs. Similar to other large appliances within your home, your toilets will likely need replacement at some point.

So, how can a homeowner know when the time comes to put in a new Toilet Bloomington IL?

Toilet Bloomington IL

Some of the most common indications are:

Cracks forming on the toilet. If you’re noticing puddles of water collecting your toilet, this may be more than just a leak. There may be cracks on the toilet tank, which indicates the toilet might need replacement. A plumber can advise you on whether it is a repairable problem or not.

If the Toilet Bloomington IL is functioning properly but water is pooling around the base, it might indicate cracks on the bowl.

Toilet Bloomington IL

  • Aging toilet. Regardless if your Toilet Bloomington IL is functioning correctly, if it’s decades old it’s time to consider getting a new one. Older model toilets are prone to work less efficiently than more recently made ones. Older toilets, consequently, may be causing your utility bills to rise. Improvements made over the last few years resulted in more efficient toilets that utilize much less water. According to federal law, residential Toilets Bloomington IL made after 1994 must not use more than 1.6 gallons per each flush. Some newer model toilets consume even lower amounts of water than that. If your residential toilet was made before 1994, consider investing in a new Toilet Bloomington IL. When looking for a more efficient toilet, you might want to look at models that feature dual-flush technologies. These provide the option of partial flushing for liquid waste and full flushing for solid waste. You’ll use less amounts of water but still have thorough flushing capabilities.
  • The toilet wobbles. A toilet that shifts or wobbles indicates a problem. If your Toilet Bloomington IL feels unsteady, contract a plumber to assess the problem. It might simply be a matter of retightening a few bolts. On the other hand, it might indicate that the flooring underneath is rotting and needs professional repairs.
  • Frequent toilet repairs. Have you found it necessary to contact a plumber frequently during the last few few years for repairs? This is another typical sign that it might be the right time to get a new Toilet Bloomington IL. It will probably save you some money over the long term.
  • The toilet has a round bowl. Although there’s nothing significantly wrong with a round bowl, it’s worth your while to consider replacing it. Elongated toilet bowls tend to offer more comfort in comparison to round toilets. They simply provide more seating area. In addition, an elongated toilet bowl usually remains cleaner and is better at containing odors. Round Toilet Bloomington IL bowls offer a smaller size footprint, but if there is enough space in your bathroom, consider an elongated bowl.

Contact your local plumbers at C.K. Brush if you’re seeing any of these common warning signs. We can either repair or replace your Toilet Bloomington IL at affordable rates.

Some Common Items You Should Never Flush Down Your Drains or Toilet Bloomington IL

It might seem tempting to try and dispose of household items by simply flushing them down the Toilet Bloomington IL. However, this can cause major problems for your toilet and plumbing system. The following items, in particular, should stay out of your toilets and drains:

Oil and gas. Pouring engine oil or gas into a drain or Toilet Bloomington IL is never a good idea. These liquids can eventually make their way to the surface and even contaminate water supplies. Just a single gallon of oil can pollute an enormous amount of water. Additionally, gas vapors remaining in the air after are flammable. Be sure to store these substances in safe, appropriate containers and bring them to your local waste disposal facility.

Lint. Lint that flows out with the water inside a washing machine’s discharge can result in a clog in your drains. An overflowing laundry drain will rapidly cover up the floors with water and cause a lot of damage. Fortunately, this is quite preventable. Attaching a lint catcher – a metallic mesh type of sleeve which fits on your washer’s discharge hose – traps lint effectively. This prevents it from going down the drain. Another cost-efficient method is to place a nylon stocking on the discharge hose. With either one of these practical options, remember to replace the stocking or lint trap when it gets full.

Flushable cat litter. Even when the label on the bag states it is a flushable product, it’s still not advisable to flush cat litter down a toilet. The solid waste materials in flushable cat litter can result in stubborn clogs within a plumbing system. In addition, septic systems are usually not able to manage cat litter.

Paint. Dumping paint into your drains is harmful for your plumbing system. Paint will simply coat your plumbing pipes, harden and soon cause a clog to form. Over time, paint will seep into surface and ground water and risk contamination. It’s a better practice to donate extra paint so it will be put to good use elsewhere. If you have some leftover paint, mix it in with an equal amount of cat litter. Let it set for about an hour and then dispose of it. Remember to take off the lid from the paint can and throw it away separately. For paint that is oil-based, dispose it your local area’s hazardous waste disposal center.

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DIY projects are fine, but with problems that involve plumbing it’s usually advisable for homeowners to count on professional contractors. For example, if a septic system overflows or for the installation of pipes, a plumber will have the right solutions. Homeowners might believe they’re saving costs by tackling problems on their own. However, it could cost far more if things go wrong.

Contact C.K. Brush for:

Installing Pipes and Fixtures.
If you are need of plumbing pipe installation, contact our experienced team to do the project for you. Our licensed, bonded plumbers can evaluate the situation and ensure that your plumbing system and pipes are code compliant. We will install your pipes professionally so you can count on years of reliable plumbing for your household.

Septic Tank Overflow
The first warning sign that something’s not right with your septic system will be the unpleasant odor. You’ll start to notice it throughout your home and probably in your yard. First, take a look at the water level. Lift the top of the septic tank and make sure it is not too low. There could be a clog forming somewhere within the system.

You’ll want to contact a plumber to assess the situation. At this stage, don’t empty out the tank yet. If the drain field gets too saturated, you might inadvertently fracture the pipes that hold the septic tank in position. A plumber can check out your septic system and identify where the backup is occurring and recommend how to resolve the problem.

C.K. Brush is a leading provider of affordable plumbing and heating solutions for home and business owners in Bloomington. Contact us today at 309-808-3768.

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