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Sump Pumps Bloomington IL

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Sump Pumps Bloomington IL

Sump Pumps Bloomington IL

Any water that makes its way into your residential basement will go to the lowest point. That’s why submersible Sump Pumps Bloomington IL are installed in sump pits at that point in your basement. As water enters, your pump directs it away from your home’s foundation into the wastewater system. This prevents flooding in your basement.

Sump pumps usually need replacement every few years, with some lasting as long as ten years. Our plumbers can inspect your Sump Pumps Bloomington IL if your are concerned it is not working well and recommend if you should get a new one.

Submersible Pumps
Like the name says, submersible pumps are inside a pit. During operation they remain submerged. They a protective barrier that makes them fully waterproof. The motors are more durable than pedestal pumps, which makes them a suitable choice if you are in a area prone to flooding.

Submersible sump pumps do not make a lot of noise because the water conceals any sound emitted from the motor. They are not as susceptible to clogging as pedestal pumps, but may have a shorter service life.

Pedestal Pumps
This type of pump features a motor that rests on a pedestal with a hose that runs down into the reservoir. The pump pulls the water through the hose and then out so it drains away from your house.

The motors are not as powerful than submersible units and typically function best where if flooding occurs it is fairly minor. They activate when the float arm rises up with the water level in the reservoir, which flips on the switch.

Signs you should contact C.K. Brush for repair or replacement of your sump pump include:

Makes Unusual Noises
When Sump Pumps Bloomington IL start to get noisy, it can indicate damaged or worn-down components. When the motor noises from your pump are getting noticeably louder there may be a faulty bearing in the motor. Grinding and rattling may mean the impeller is jammed. (The impeller is the fan located on the bottom side of the pump that pulls in water.)

Sump Pumps Bloomington IL


Vibrates When Running
Pumps that have drawn in too much debris can end up with a bent and damaged impeller. (The impeller is similar to a propeller, with the exception that it draws inward rather than propelling outward. Impellers are accurately balanced to limit wear. If the impeller gets bent it cause the entire unit to wobble and put a lot of strain on the shaft. That movement will make noise and is a alert to future problems. It is very difficult to restore the impeller to proper shape, so the best move is to contact us about replacement Sump Pumps Bloomington IL.

Infrequent Sump Pump Usage
Similar to the battery in your car, limited use of Sump Pumps Bloomington IL will inevitably reduce its lifespan. Regular testing of your unit in between heavy rains will provide you an early alert of any problems.

We suggest keeping track of when you test yours. If this will be the first time you’re going to activate it, or you just moved into the home, contact C.K. Brush for testing and maintenance.

The Pump Keeps Running

A problem with the switch is a leading cause of a sump pump that continually runs. The float is supposed to maintain smooth functioning of the switch. A problem with the switch can happen if the pump shifts within the basin or if the switch loses connection with the power source.

If your sump pump is running continuously and you cannot determine the cause, it might not be able to manage the water load, so you may want to replace it.

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