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Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL

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Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL

Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL – C.K. Brush Plumbing, Heating and Drain Cleaning – Serving Bloomington, IL – 309-808-3768

C.K. Brush is a full-service plumbing contractor serving homes and businesses in the Bloomington community. One of our primary services includes sewer and drain solutions. Just some of the common sewer-related problems we fix include:

  • Offset, broken or collapsed sewer pipes. Pipes can sustain damage from shifting or freezing ground soil.
  • Line obstructions. Accumulation of grease or other objects can restrict or fully prevent proper flow and clearing of sewer lines.
  • Pipe corrosion. When pipes deteriorate over time, it often results in collapsed areas of the line. This creates leaks and blockage that calls for prompt service.
  • “Bellied” pipes. A section of pipe that collapses due to ground conditions. Bellied pipe results in a section of sewer line where toilet paper and waste products collect and form a blockage.
  • Leaky joints. The critical seals in between pipe sections may eventually break over time. Consequently, this allows water to leak into the ground area surrounding the pipes.
  • Invasive plant and tree roots. When roots push their way into a sewer line the result is an obstruction. This prevents proper flow as well as sewer line clearing.
  • Inferior grade pipes. In some older systems there may be pipes made from lower quality materials. They may be prone to corrosion and leaks.


Our experienced plumbers are well-trained in the application of best practices and technology for quality Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL. We can assess if your sewer problems can be resolved by repairing existing pipes or through replacement.

Either way, we will restore your sewer system to good order at very competitive pricing!

Call for service or to receive a FREE estimate at 309-808-3768. – Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL


C.K. Brush Plumbing, Heating and Drain Cleaning serves residential and commercial customers throughout the Bloomington area. Count on us for expert Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL that works while remaining within your budget!

We’re proud to have Tony Cottone as the head of our Sewer and Drain Division. With Tony’s experience our customers are always in good hands. From removing invasive tree roots to clearing bathroom drains and clogged toilets, we’re ready with expert solutions.

We use the latest video Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL technologies to assess your sewer lines and pinpoint what is causing the problem. When we finish, we give customers a copy of what we find with our sewer cameras.

If plant roots are blocking your pipes or your kitchen sink is backing up, we solve the problem! Utilizing a range of tools and the latest industry practices, we’ll restore your sewer and drains. Some Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL issues simply require more power than over-the-counter drain cleaners provide.

Our drain cleaner practices and products can thoroughly clean and restore drain flow.

Sewer video camera inspections enable our Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL team to locate the source of a blockage or a leak. The specially-made camera connects to a long “snake” so we can see deep into the sewer system’s pipes.

Once we pinpoint and identify the problem, we plan how to resolve it and restore sewer function as quickly as possible. Our goal is to minimize the disruption to your household.

We Fix Sewer and Drain Problems – 309-808-3768

Some of the most frequent problems our plumbers see in sewer lines are invasive roots, sludge and grease. An advantage to performing video camera inspections is that we can show Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL customers exactly where the problems lie.

In a lot of cases, we recommend a camera inspection if customers tell us their drains are backing up.

Likewise if they report puddles of water collecting in their yard. Following the water will provide an idea of where the leak is happening. However, we have to find the actual spot where the problem starts before starting repairs or Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL.

Call on the C.K. Brush team to solve any of the following common drain problems:

  • Kitchen Drains Clogs. Commonly the result of soap, grease and food waste going down the kitchen sink drain. The interior walls of kitchen pipes easily clog with buildup from these substances and causes blockage.
  • Bathroom Drain Clogs. Hair, toothpaste, toilet paper and soap residue can all cause damage and clogs in your bathroom drains.
  • Utility Room Drain Clogs. Dirt and debris can easily block the floor drains in your basement or utility room. As a result, drainage is poor and creates the risk of flooding.
  • Sewer Drain Clogs. Your home’s sewer drain directs gray and black wastewater to the sewer system. Any obstruction can result in major problems.


For prompt and reasonable sewer line repairs by appointment or in an emergency, count on C.K. Brush for professional Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL solutions.

Call 309-808-3768 if Your Home or Commercial Property Needs Sewer Line Repairs


It’s critical to take action at the first sign of trouble with your sewer lines and drains. Simply taking the initiative and calling us for Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL service helps limit cost and the risk of additional problems. A few common indicators that your sewer line may have clogs or collapsed sections are:

  • Sinks, toilets or bathtubs that don’t fully drain or drain very slowly.
  • Poor water pressure in your sinks and showers.
  • Puddles of wastewater or damp areas in your lawn.
  • The odor of sewer gas.
  • Areas of mold growing on ceilings or walls.
  • Moisture in your basement, specifically around the basement drain.
  • Gurgling sounds from toilets, tubs or sink drains.
  • A sharp increase in your water bills.

Professional Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL Installation by C.K. Brush – Schedule an Estimate at 309-808-3768

Bloomington homes rely on a functioning sewer system for elimination of wastewater. In addition, other things like daily use of fixtures and appliances count on your sewer system too. It’s no surprise that many busy homeowners may not pay close attention to their sewer system until a problem occurs.

Our plumbers apply the best techniques and the best equipment to install sewer lines that fulfill your home’s requirements. From the start of the process that entails evaluating structure to installation and inspection, we apply best practices.

Sewer line installation typically consists of placing new drainage pipes that connect to your municipal system for eliminating wastewater.

Contact C.K. Brush today for fast service at 309-808-3768.

With the passage of time, residential sewer pipes can begin to develop cracks. As a result, it impedes proper flow while raising the chance of leaks. Additionally, aging drain pipes can collapse from the continuing pressure from invading tree and plant roots.

Replacing your sewer lines remains the best strategy for stopping leaks and improving overall performance.

Our expert installation includes removing pipes with cracks and signs of collapse. We replace them with new pipes and properly reconnect them to your municipality’s sewer lines.

For some properties, we perform installation with trenchless sewer replacement. This basically means we don’t need to dig up parts of your lawn. A property’s design and distance to sewer lines helps determine if we apply this efficient sewer installation technique.

If you see puddles forming in your yard or clear signs of a leak, don’t hesitate to call C.K. Brush right away for professional Sewer Drain Cleaning Bloomington IL sewer solutions. If the best option for you is sewer line replacement, our plumbers can offer you a free estimate.

We’re confident you’ll find our rates fit your budget!

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