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Sewer Cleaning Heyworth IL

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Your home’s main sewer line is among the most important components of its plumbing system. It serves as the main pipe for removal of wastewater, carrying it to the sewer main in your municipal system. Because it’s out of sight and usually does its job without problem, a sewer system is not often “top of mind.”

However, when a problem does occur with a sewer line, it’s very disruptive to a household and may require Sewer Cleaning Heyworth IL

Sewer Cleaning Heyworth IL

Sewer pipes are vulnerable to clogs and congestion, often due to buildup or paper products, soap residue and other debris. As a result, it’s necessary to call for Sewer Cleaning Heyworth IL to restore proper function. Watch for these common signs of sewer and drain backup:

-Slow drainage in sinks and showers. A single drain that’s slow typically indicates a clog somewhere within the drainpipe. The clog is usually hair, soap residue or food particle waste. Often, these clogs can clear with the use of a plunger, although it will only help temporarily.

In some cases, a plumber can use a mechanical drain snake to clear out the clog. However, when slow drains keep occurring, it’s a warning sign the sewer line is backing up because of an obstruction.

-Unpleasant odors coming from the drains. Foul sewer gas odors coming out of a drain in some cases are the result of a dry trap underneath. Simply pour water down into the drain to restore the barrier that keeps these odors from escaping into the home.

-Water backs up into the shower or bathroom sink after flushing the toilet. There are a number of symptoms that plumbing fixtures can exhibit that indicate a sewer line block. Water back up is among the most obvious signs and calls for service sooner rather than later.

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