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Rodding Services

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Clear out the drain clogs that are affecting your home or commercial building with rodding services by CK Brush. Whether the problem is with your bathtubs, sinks or sewer line, rodding will effectively clear your drains. Contact our team today for more information about our rodding service options. We’ll dispatch a plumber right away – or when most convenient for your schedule.

How Rodding Clears Out Drain Clogs

Are the drains and pipes in your home not flowing as fast as they used to? If you’re experiencing drain clogs or backflow in your plumbing appliances, it’s time to schedule plumbing services. Our plumbers provide a range of drain cleaning solutions to resolve any issue with your system. Rodding entails use of custom equipment to clear out even the most stubborn clogs. A drain rod is basically a sturdy piece of equipment that plumbers insert into the drain to remove blockages.

Rodding Services

In some cases, a drain clog issue will affect more than only locations within your home. Tackling a sewer clog can impact locations anywhere from the home itself to the main sewer line. From invasive plant roots to paper products, your pipes can clog with several things.

For prompt solutions to this common issue for homeowners, it is important to schedule professional services. Acting sooner rather than later is critical for preventing more problems.

If your residence or commercial building has drain backup problems, turn to CK Brush for professional rodding. Our plumbers are standing by to handle your drain and sewer cleaning needs. We assess every component of your sewer and drains to confirm the issue resolves. Contact our offices to schedule a no-obligation estimate for our expert rodding services.

CK Brush Plumbing, Heating & Drain Cleaning serves homes and business in the Bloomington-Normal metro region.

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