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After so many years serving residential and commercial plumbing customers in communities throughout Central Illinois, we have seen practically every kind of drain clogs and back-ups. From standard accumulation of debris to larger items that fall into the sink, there isn’t much that will surprise our experienced Plumbing Washington IL anymore. One thing is sure though, serious clogs can lead to serious issues when homeowners try to do repairs on their own.  Instead, contact us for drain cleaning.

The first point we will make is that we advise our customers against using corrosive commercial drain cleaners. Products you purchase at the local hardware or big box store can work – somewhat. But since they are corrosive by design, these products are not especially good for your pipes or drains. If you do need to use a form of liquid drain cleaner product, try mixing up a solution of baking soda and white vinegar with hot water. This can help to clear out a minor obstruction without risking damage to your plumbing system. If that is not successful, you can try:

-An augur – also known as a drain snake.
-A plunger (they really do work!)

Plumbing Washington IL

Plumbing Washington IL

If you still are not able to clear the drain, it’s time to call for Plumbing Washington IL assistance. An experienced plumber can use specialized equipment that directs pressurized air into the system. With the exception of an additional problem within the plumbing, proper drainage will be restored shortly.

Stubborn Clogs? Call 309-808-3768

There are a few reasons to go directly to a plumber when there are clogged drains in your home, starting with persistent blockages that recur on a steady basis. A clog once in a while isn’t a big concern. But when your drains clog every week or every day there’s something wrong.

Persistent clogs are likely an alert that something is lodged in your pipes. This might indicate that the discharge line is broken or there’s some type of blockage at the sewer connection.

Sewer Backups
You are probably looking at a major Plumbing Washington IL concern if clogged drains are also accompanied by a sewer line backup. When things are properly working, sewage won’t back up into your residence. If it does happen it, professional help is needed.

Another potential issue applies to homes that are on a septic system. When you experience regular clogs in addition to wet yard that doesn’t ever dry out, your septic system could be at the end of its service life. If this is the case, you’ll notice the area is particularly damp right after using the shower or the washing machine.

Plumbing Washington IL

Clogged drains are typically not a sign of anything particularly serious. But if you’re experiencing the problems we discuss on this post, do not hesitate to call for Plumbing Washington IL solutions. At our established company, we have many years of industry experience and are standing by to solve your plumbing and drain problems.

There are various reasons why drains will stop working as they should. Your kitchen drain might be blocked due to excess food particles. A blockage also can be the result of an object falling into the drainpipe. Our Plumbing Washington IL team are trained to find the specific source of your drainage issue and apply the best solutions.

There’s no doubt that drainage problems are one of the most common challenges for both residential and commercial systems. To get to the root cause of the drain issues at your location, our plumbers use the best, most advanced equipment and practices. We are bonded, fully licensed and insured for the protection of our customers.

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