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Keeping each drain in your residence clean and unclogged requires knowing when to schedule professional Plumber Peoria IL services. Continue reading to learn when you should call C.K. Brush Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.

Bad Odors Coming from the Drains
Have you been noticing a musty or generally foul smell coming from the sinks in your kitchen or bathroom? If so, it might be the drains causing it. Different factors may be the cause of the odors. It could be a build-up of dirt, toothpaste and soap, especially in your kitchen and bathroom sink drains. Substances such as coffee grinds, grease, fats, hygiene and paper products can all cause a blockage. Or, it could be a sewer line issue that’s causing it. Whatever the cause may be, it’s in your best interest to contact a Plumber Peoria IL to do thorough drain cleaning.

Using soap and hot water is not enough to get rid of the odors. A plumber will use specialty equipment and expertise to clear the drains and restore good water flow.

Plumber Peoria IL

Plumber Peoria IL

Unfamiliar Noises
Weird noises in a plumbing system are always concerning, but it’s surprising at how frequently some homeowners will ignore them. Failure to take action will only allow the problem to progress. When it comes to a clogged drain, you will probably notice the water beings to make gurgling sounds as it’s attempting to drain.

The gurgling is usually an initial symptom of blockage. When left uncleaned for long, the obstruction will cause a total drain clog. The gurgling comes from air bubbles releasing as the water moves slowly through the blockage. If you are hearing that gurgling noise in more than one drain, it means that there’s a blockage within the primary sewer system. Contact a Plumber Peoria IL for service.

Puddles Forming in Your Yard
For homeowners, it can be difficult to make the connection from plumbing problems inside the house to other symptoms taking place outside. An example is when areas of standing water begin to form out in their backyard. While this might not seem apparent right away, this is actually sign of drain clogs.

Plumber Peoria IL

Take a close look at your backyard regularly. Make a note if any puddles are forming and where they are located. If you take a walk outdoors one morning and notice a large puddle that was not there before, take it as a warning sign and give us call for Plumber Peoria IL services.

Puddles in the yard are usually a sign of a drain backing up. It is not unusual for debris like leaves and sticks to get lodged inside and create an obstruction. If detected early, this can be resolved relatively fast. If not, the back-up can lead to damage to your property and even to your home’s foundation.

Obviously, any standing water is not a good sign whether inside or outside. If you notice your sinks, showers or tub contains standing water, schedule an appointment with our Plumber Peoria IL right away. If there is standing water in your shower or bathtub, then it’s most likely due to an accumulation of hair and soap residue. If it’s happening in your kitchen sink, the buildup is probably food particles and grease.

Generally, puddling water isn’t a major cause for worry. However, you will definitely want to contact C.K. Brush Plumbing & Drain Cleaning to fix the problem and be sure that the clog is removed. With any type of plumbing issue, it’s always advisable to take action at the first sign of a problem – call 309-808-3768 today!

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