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A drain clog, just like a pipe leak, can be a major annoyance. But unfortunately, it’s something that happens eventually for most homeowners. Probably the most troublesome is a clogged toilet that can often lead to overflowing water and leakages. The issue is who you should call for assistance when the blockage is persistent. Although using a plunger may help clear out some buildups, the more severe clogs will usually need the services of a Plumber Normal IL.

A toilet blockage might frequently be the result of simply using too much toilet paper in a single flush. There are some toilet paper varieties that do not dissolve as completely as others do, so it builds up steadily over time. In addition to toilet paper, other paper products contribute to clogs such as sanitary napkins and other types of feminine hygiene products. Back-ups also come from flushing down baby wipes and diapers. These items do not dissolve and will rapidly jam the plumbing system.

Plumber Normal IL

Plumber Normal IL

Likewise, when hair is flushed too frequently, eventually it tangles up with other items in the pipes, leading to significant clogs. Another common occurrence is when children clog the toilet by accidentally dropping toys or other items into it and then trying to flush it. A toilet clog is typically not an emergency, but you’ll definitely want to call a Plumber Normal IL soon for drain cleaning.

Most water-soluble products will dissolve eventually. However, there are some residual waste materials that might remain and leading to recurring blockages. Basically, there are more changes for a clog to get worse the longer you overlook it. A concern is that obstructions can increase pressure in your plumbing system, which can lead to leaking in other areas, particularly if your toilet is an older model or your pipes aren’t in very good condition.

Call a Plumber Normal IL for Drain Cleaning Solutions if:

Plunger Doesn’t Help
A plunger is in many situations is the only tool necessary to restore proper water flow if you’re contending with a clog from excess toilet paper use. But if that doesn’t help there are a few other DIY steps you can take. A solution of dishwasher soap and baking powder along with using the plunger might disseminate the clog. Pour down the mixture and then start plunging after a few minutes. If that still doesn’t work, contact us for services.

Toilet Keeps Running
This problem could be a sign that the water flap the regulates water flow from the tank into the bowl is not placed correctly. When this happens, it can lead to persistent clogs. The water flap and possibly other tank components might require replacement.

Plumber Normal IL

An Object Clogging the Toilet
If something like a hair brush or a plastic toy other object gets lodged in a toilet and flushed, the result can be big problems for the sewage system lines. A professional plumber will be able to clear out the obstructions and minimize the risk of damage to the system.

Foul Odors
This can be a warning sign of other issues. Hidden leaks are often caused by clogged toilets. There could water damage behind the walls of the bathroom or under the flooring, leading to mold and that foul odor. Professional Plumber Normal IL services are advised right away.

Cracks on the Toilet Tank
Although most toilets last for quote a long time, the bowl or tank may form cracks. The toilet, though, will still be usable, depending on the severity and location of the cracks. Replacing it on your own is not exactly an easy task, and you may even wind up causing additional damage. To avoid that risk, contact us for Plumber Normal IL services!

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