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A backflow prevention device – just as the name describes – prevents contamination of your household’s drinking water. In the event that there’s a sudden change in water pressure, mechanized valves can keep liquid contaminants from getting into the supply of potable water.

To ensure the device runs smoothly, it is critical to regularly test your backflow preventer.

At C.K. Brush, we are your Plumber Near Me McLean County IL ready to explain your options and ensure your backflow preventer keeps your home’s water clean and safe.

Plumber Near Me McLean County IL

Backflow Preventer Testing
As your Plumber Near Me McLean County IL, we generally recommend yearly testing of backflow valves. This will help to ensure that you won’t have any sudden surprises due to contaminants in the water and backflow. Our plumbers can accommodate your schedule to supply backflow preventer testing.

Backflow Preventer Repair
In the event your drains flow the wrong direction, it may indicate that your backflow preventer is broken. A plumber can safely assess the issue and make the necessary repairs.

Plumber Near Me McLean County IL Pay close attention to these components in your home and contact C.K. Brush if something is not working correctly:

-Yard irrigation systems.
-Swimming pools.
-Faucets with a hose attachment.
-Garbage disposals.

In many Illinois homes, these components require a backflow prevention device. If any one of these components are not properly draining properly and are actually overflowing, contact C.K. Brush.

You can depend upon our experienced, licensed and bonded Plumber Near Me McLean County IL for cost-effective repairs.

Drain Clogs? Call a Plumber Near Me McLean County IL – 309-808-3768

Drain clogs are a major hassle because they can interfere with so many daily activities. Plus, clogs can leave residue behind and cause other plumbing-related problems. Look to C.K. Brush Plumbing & Heating for prompt response time, quality services and lasting results.

We guarantee our workmanship, so our customers can depend on us for solutions when they call for help with a problematic drain. Your Plumber Near Me McLean County IL will work around your busy schedule and explain to you what repairs we recommend before proceeding.

Call C.K. Brush at the first warning signs of a drain clog to prevent backup:

If only a single drain is causing you problems and possibly causing water to overflow, switch off that fixture’s shutoff valve. If you do experience a drainage emergency like a major leak, we suggest locating and shutting off your home’s main water valve.

If you are not familiar with that area or don’t feel comfortable making specific plumbing-related decisions, call C.K. Brush right away!

We’re here to help with any emergency drain or plumbing concerns.

Drain Cleaning – Plumber Near Me McLean County IL – Call 309-808-3768

Drain problems at your Illinois home or business? You can always call upon our experienced plumbers for expert drain cleaning solutions:


If your drains are slow and showing signs of clogging, don’t delay to schedule service by C. K. Brush.
Our Plumber Near Me McLean County IL utilize the latest equipment and technologies to provide drain cleaning that restores your plumbing system.

Frozen Pipes

Winter can frequently result in problems with plumbing systems in the form of freezing pipes. However, by simply doing some routine maintenance around the house, you can make effective preparations for the cold weather.

When a plumbing pipe bursts, it can be an inconvenient and costly problem for any household. For example, just a single burst pipe that’s running at about 4 to 8 gallons per minute can cause thousands in damages.

Pipe bursts can happen if the water inside them drops below freezing temperatures, which causes ice to develop.

Consequently, the pressure inside the pipes builds up continuously. Eventually, that increasing pressure splits the pipe. Once the ice thaws, water damage soon follows.

Preventing Frozen Pipes:

Leaking Pipes? Call C.K. Brush Plumbing & Heating for Repairs – 309-808-3768 – Plumber Near Me McLean County IL

It’s not uncommon for a leaking plumbing pipe to go without notice for weeks or even months. However, plumbing leaks can be much worse than a household annoyance. In practically any case involving a leak, it is critical to repair it as soon and as efficiently as you can.

Continual dripping water can result in expensive damage and the need for significant repairs.

In addition, a plumbing leak may lead to fixture or pipe corrosion. That, too, can cause major problems for your home’s plumbing system. If you’re noticing water leaking from your pipes or faucets, promptly contact a Plumber Near Me McLean County IL for professional service.

Common signs of a leaking fixture include:

-Faucet dripping. See or hear signs of continual dripping? It’s a telltale sign that a leak is occurring and you’ll need a Plumber Near Me McLean County IL.  Even though you might think you would notice a continual dripping, there may be some areas your home you don’t use often.

Listen carefully in frequently used areas and check on other areas you don’t use as often.

-Water or rust puddles. Puddling can occur the base of fixtures, around drains in tubs and sinks and on the flooring beneath a faucet. Act promptly if you observe the leaking water appears to contain rust particles in it.

-Squeaking faucets. Are your faucets making loud squeaking sounds when you turn on the tap? Or, are they getting hard to turn on or off completely? This might indicate a larger problem.

-Spike in your monthly water bills. Abrupt increases in your water bills typically indicate a leak or other kind of plumbing problem is occurring. Take a close look around your home for indications of a leak or contact a Plumber Near Me McLean County IL ASAP.

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