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Did you know that approximately 66 percent of homes constructed in the USA each year have two bathrooms? And another significant number of new homes feature three bathrooms. It goes without saying that bathrooms are essential to sanitation, which makes them an integral part of healthcare. If it were not for toilets in those bathrooms, there’d be no way to drain wastewater safely out of all those homes.

However, when a toilet clogs, it can create a health risk for your household in the form of wastewater exposure. That is why it’s so helpful to know when to contact a Plumber Carlock IL when these situations arise. Some of the potential causes of your toilet clogs are:

A Foreign Object
If you have children in your household and they alert you they’ve dropped something like a toy or other solid object in the toilet, inquire if they flushed it and to describe the size of the object. Even something like a small plastic toy may cause significant problems for your system that requires a call to your Plumber Carlock IL.

Plumber Carlock IL

Plumber Carlock IL

Hopefully, they did not flush the toilet. If they did, you can attempt retrieving it with an augur (also called a drain snake) first. Calling a Plumber Carlock IL is your best move if that doesn’t do the trick – disassembling the hardware may be necessary. It’s generally more common for folks to drop objects like rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings in sinks. To that end, it’s easier to get them out because they’re likely to fall to the bottom of the P-trap in the sink. (The “P” shaped plumbing pipe under your sink that connects to a drainage line.)

Toilets also have P-traps, but flushing can be strong enough to carry away smaller items into the drain pipes. If you flush immediately after dropping an object into the bowl, most likely won’t remain in the P-trap.

Excess Toilet Paper
This is not surprisingly the most common reason why toilets clog. The good news is that it is usually the easiest clog to deal with. If there are folks in your household who are guilty of using too much toilet paper, here are some tips to help alleviate this common issue:

-Try double flushing. First, simply flush down the waste. Next, do a second flush for the paper. This will minimize flushing too much at one time.
-Try switching to a higher-quality, thicker toilet paper so your household can use less of it.
-Instead of crumpling up the toilet paper, just fold it. This will make it less likely to get stuck in the drain.
-In most clog situations, durable, standard toilet plunger will suffice to take care of these clogs.

Plumber Carlock IL

Sometimes, though, a toilet clog might not be caused by something you did or accidentally dropped in the bowl. If you have considered the possibilities we mention above and plumbing the toilet does not work, there are still a few other issues to review. For example, it could be that your toilet is just not powerful enough to effectively flush down the contents. This is particularly common with low-flow, older toilets that weren’t manufactured to quite the standards that they are today. When this is the issue, you are probably better off purchasing a new, more efficient toilet. Our Plumber Carlock IL can recommend a model that is the appropriate fit to your needs.

Another potential cause is the toilet flapper might not be correctly working, which causes a weak flush. Generally, this a simple repair fix that requires adjusting the attachment chain. When you need a speedy solution for toilet clogs or other drain problems call a Plumber Carlock IL at 309-808-3768.

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