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Welcome to CK Brush! We’re your source for affordable plumbing services in Bloomington. We offer cost-effective, timely solutions for a wide variety of plumbing needs such as:

-Residential plumbing. Leaking pipes and fixtures will, obviously, waste a lot of water. However, if left without repair for too long it can also result in moisture damage and additional plumbing issues. CK Brush is standing by to provide expert Plumber Bloomington Normal IL services for your home. Contact us today for pipe and fixture repair, toilet repair or replacement, sewer clogs, sewer cleaning and more. No task is too large or too small for our team.

Without a doubt, few plumbing issues are as problematic for homeowners as a sewer line clog. It’s a problem that leads to overflowing sinks and toilets. CK Brush offers sewer rodding, sewer line repairs, pipe locating, camera inspections and sewer maintenance. We’ll restore reliable function to your residential plumbing system promptly at budget-friendly rates.

-Commercial plumbing. From restaurants and office plazas to schools campuses and retail centers, CK Brush serves all varieties of commercial buildings. We have the latest technology, expertise and equipment to provide quality Plumber Bloomington Normal IL services for your commercial location. Just some of the businesses we serve include:

Bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes, law offices, medical offices, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and athletic venues. In addition, we can service shopping plazas, grocery stores, convenience marts, gas stations, airports and more.

Plumber Bloomington Normal IL

If you’re managing a business, a plumbing problem is disruptive and be a serious inconvenience. Particularly when you have customers to care for. Our plumbers are ready with speedy, affordable repairs so you can get back to daily operations.

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Need pipe repair? Call CK Brush today for fast service.

When winter closes in for the Bloomington area it brings along the risk of freezing pipes. When water freezes inside sewage or water lines it tends to expand. Consequently, pressure builds inside the pipes. The variety of pipes that tend to freeze are typically external that connect to water supply lines, for instance. Non-heated areas in your home or commercial building like storage spaces, basements, garages or attics are also prone to freezing. If they don’t receive repairs, freezing pipes can eventually burst, which could result in disruptions for your home or business.

Frozen pipes are frequently more than an inconvenience that needs the reliable services of your local Plumber Bloomington Normal IL. Frozen pipes can also lead to significant damages once the pipes thaw and water flow starts again.

When lines freeze it prevents hot water from moving through your building as it typically does. As a result, additional pipes can freeze. Leaks and water damage can happen when the coldness eventually causes pipes to fracture. Call for a Plumber Bloomington Normal IL at CK Brush if you’re noticing:

-Clanging or whistling sounds when you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet.

-Unpleasant “sewage” odors. Drains, toilets or sinks emitting foul odors could be a sure symptom of a damaged, leaking or frozen pipe. Appliances or faucets on the ground or basement floor are the most vulnerable to freezing.

Need Sewer Cleaning or Repair? Call CK Brush – 309-808-3768

-Spots of damp drywall. Leaky piping result in damp areas of drywall that are certain signs of a problem. Be aware of puddles or other areas where water is collecting where it ordinarily doesn’t. Another indicator of a burst pipe due to freezing are the appearance of sink holes in your yard.

If you are seeing any of these signs call CK Brush, we’re your reliable Plumber Bloomington Normal IL.

Whenever your home’s sewer line become obstructed and begins to back up it’s without a doubt an issue that calls for immediate attention. Call CK Brush for same day service that will repair your home’s sewer and drainage systems without major disruptions to your household! Essential to keeping your home (or business) sanitary and in good condition, sewer lines can be impacted by roots, ground movement, and simply due to deterioration over time. Industry research finds that sewer line back up occurs more than 700,000 times every year in homes all across the nation! If your sewer line is backing up call an expert Plumber Bloomington Normal IL for solutions. Reach our experienced team at 309-808-3768.

CK Brush has many years of experience repairing sewer lines and installing new ones for our customers in Bloomington. Our reliable Plumber Bloomington Normal IL will locate and diagnose the problems with your home’s sewer line with our leading-edge video camera systems. A camera that is directed straight into the sewer line allows us to pinpoint the source of the problem without any time-wasting guesswork and then proceed with effective repairs. In the event the line is not fixable and must be replaced, we can install a new system – all at economical rates!

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It can sometimes take a few months until a problem with your home’s sewer line becomes apparent. A sign to be aware of are bad odors emanating from the kitchen or bathroom and damaged pipes that obstruct water flow. If you notice that the grass in one area of your backyard that appears more watered than other areas, it could be a sign of a leaking pipe underground.

For timely repairs at fair prices call your full-service Plumber Bloomington Normal IL at 309-808-3768.

Some Basics About Your Home’s Plumbing System from CK Brush Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

Your home’s plumbing system not only supplies clean water for various uses, it drains wastewater away from your home to be treated safely after being used. Problems generally develop from incorrect usage or due to inadequate maintenance. If you’ve got concerns about your plumbing system or need prompt solutions to an existing problem, call us today. The team at CK Brush is standing by with the professional, affordable support you need.

Water is usually supplied to your home by your municipal water main, which is linked to your water meter for billing. Water from the main line is directed into smaller pipes that then carry it to your home’s faucets, fixtures and appliances. Some older model houses have use galvanized steel pipes while newer model homes generally use copper or plastic piping. Fortunately supply pipes don’t typically have too many problems, but occasionally the hardness of water – hard water has a high concentration of dissolved minerals – can eventually result in obstructions and impact water quality. Another possible cause of supply line problems would water pressure putting too much stress on the pipe and pipe fittings.

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Once water is used in your home’s toilets, sinks, tubs and other appliances, it exits through drains and drainpipes. That system meets at a sewage drain which transports the wastewater away to your municipal sewer.

If you’re in need of comprehensive plumbing solutions call CK Brush. Our licensed, bonded and insured plumbing professionals are here to help. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our speedy, cost-effective solutions. For same day Plumber Bloomington Normal IL services or to set an appointment for a free estimate, call us today.