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Welcome to C.K. Brush! We’re a locally owned and operated Bloomington IL company that specializes in delivering quality plumbing services to our many residential and commercial customers. Our team has more than a century of combined experience in our industry. You can count on us to resolve your next plumbing problem regardless of how big or small it may seem. Whether you have a toilet that’s overflowing, a stubborn drain clog or a water heater that needs replacement, all you’ll need to do is contact C.K. Brush right away.

When you talk with one of our customer care representatives, we’ll first get an understanding of your plumbing problem and then coordinate a Plumber Bloomington IL appointment that coordinates with your schedule. (It might be right away depending upon your plumbing issue!)

Our Plumber Bloomington IL always arrives on schedule and with all the equipment needed to perform the repair to your system promptly. It’s basically that simple! If you’re in need of plumbing repair, maintenance or installation of a new appliance or fixture, C.K. Brush is the call to make every time.

C.K. Brush – Drain Cleaning – Plumber Bloomington IL

The daily functioning of their plumbing and drain system is understandably not something that most homeowners probably spend a lot of time thinking about. However, when a sink overflows or a toilet starts to backup, you’ll probably wish you had noticed the signs that a problem was developing. Without a doubt, it’s very helpful to recognize the common signs that your drains need cleaning. While using a plunger or over-the-counter chemical products can help clear a drain, they are usually a temporary measure and can even cause harm to your pipes. Here are some of the most common signs you should call C.K. Brush to schedule drain cleaning by a Plumber Bloomington IL:

-Slow draining. There can be a range of different things that cause drains to clog and get slower such as soap residue, grease, hair, paper products or food waste. Commonly, these substances tend to simply accumulate over time and cause slow drainage. Because it will only continue to get worse, it’s best to be proactive and schedule an appointment with a Plumber Bloomington IL for drain cleaning.

-Unpleasant odors. If you’re noticing strange smells coming from the fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom, a plumbing issue is probably the cause. Those odors could be waste or sewer gas clogging up your drains and will need to be cleared by a Plumber Bloomington IL as soon as possible.

-Recurring clogs. It’s probably not a coincidence if you repeatedly need to unclog a shower drain or toilet. In the event you start experiencing recurring drain clogs, you’re probably on the way to a major clog that could block the drain completely. It’s usually best to allow a professional Plumber Bloomington IL tackle the problem.

-Gurgling noises. A gurgling sound coming from a drain or toilet is a telltale sign of the need for a Plumber Bloomington IL. The noise frequently is due to air in your drains.

-Several drain clogs. When there are more than one fixtures with a clog in your home, you’re looking a potentially significant plumbing problem. Multiple drain clogs are often an indicator of a larger problem, possibly with the main sewer line. Contact C.K. Brush for Plumber Bloomington IL services right away if there are multiple clogs occurring with your plumbing.

If you’re experiencing drain clogs or slow draining, C.K. Brush is here to help. Our experienced team is available to provide effective solutions that will restore proper draining to your plumbing system fast.

Contact us today for more information or to set a Plumber Bloomington IL service appointment.

Leaking or Broken Faucets? Call 309-808-3768

There a number of reasons – some major and some minor – why faucets will start to malfunction or begin leaking. A faucet that keeps dripping usually indicates a faulty washer or O-ring, for example, that’s is typically a fast fix. On the other hand, a leaky valve probably will requirement replacement by a Plumber Bloomington IL. Different kinds of faucets can break or leak due to various causes. A single cartridge faucet tends to be more prone to corrosion than a compression faucet. Overall, though, faulty faucets are usually because of:

-A worn out O-ring or washer.

-Internal seals that are broken or corroding.

-Corroding valves.

-Worn out cartridges.

-Internal parts that are damaged or corroding.

Washers and O-rings tend to wear our after a couple years, depending upon the pressure and hardness of your water. In general, most modern faucets will have a service lifespan of 15 or 20 years. If exposed to leaks or hard water, though, they may corrode or rust faster. But whatever the cause might be, it’s important to know that the longer a leaking faucet goes without repair the worse it will become.

There are some minor problems with faucets that homeowners may be able to handle on their own as a DIY project. For instance, you could probably replace a washer or an O-ring with a quick run to your local hardware store. However, there are other reasons why faucets leak or break that can be difficult to handle. Firstly, you’d want to identify what’s causing the faucet problems, which might be any range of worn, broken or faulty internal parts. Next, you would have to take the faucet apart, replace the faulty component and then reassemble it all correctly.

This is when a C.K. Brush Plumber Bloomington IL can help you. We can promptly identify and repair the problem with your faucet regardless of its manufacture date or type. Whether you’re in need of a simple repair or total replacement, we’ll fix it. Professional repair for faucets and other fixtures is always advisable because it’s convenient, fast and provides a lasting solution.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation – Plumber Bloomington IL

If you’re searching for reliable repairs to the garbage disposal in your home or business, you’ve come to the right place. C.K. Brush’s experienced technicians can fix your garbage disposal or, if necessary, install a new one for you.

As soon as your garbage disposal starts malfunctioning, give C.K. Brush a call. Our Plumber Bloomington IL will identify exactly what is wrong with the unit, let you select the replacement or repair option that’s right for you, and then get the job done.

For most garbage disposals, their service lifespan mostly depends upon how well it’s maintained.

On average, though, garbage disposals typically last for about ten years. After that many years of use, garbage disposals may start to break down or clog more often.

To get the best performance from the garbage disposal in your home or business, be sure you’re taking care of it properly. Here are some basic tips to follow that will help extend the lifespan of your garbage disposal:

-Run the disposal on a regular basis. Frequent usage will help prevent corrosion and keep food waste from building up in the unit.

-Pour a cup of ice into your garbage disposal every week or so. This will help to keep its blades sharp.

-To help control odors, cut an orange or lemon into slices and run them through the unit.

If the garbage disposal in your home or business isn’t functioning properly, the reason may be:

-An electrical problem. In the event your garbage disposal will not turn on, it’s probably because it’s simply lost power and there might be a blown circuit. To resolve this fairly common electrical issue, press the reset button on the bottom part of the unit. If that does not work, check your electrical panel for any signs of a tripped electrical circuit.

-There’s an obstruction. If you’re hearing a humming sound after you switch on the garbage disposal, there is probably a clog somewhere in the unit. To remedy this problem, turn off power to the disposal and use a flashlight to see what’s catching. Carefully reach into the unit and retrieve what’s causing the obstruction. After unclogging the unit, switch it on again.

-It’s due for replacement. If loss of power or a clog is not the problem with your malfunctioning garbage disposal, it might be time to have a Plumber Bloomington IL replace it with a new unit.

A functioning garbage disposal is a must for any household or commercial building with a kitchen that gets a lot of use. That means that if yours is out of service, you need Plumber Bloomington IL help right away. The team at C.K. Brush has the experience to promptly repair or replace any kind of garbage disposal. Your Plumber Bloomington IL will also share helpful maintenance instructions so you’ll be less prone to face problems in the future.

Plumber Bloomington IL – Pipe Repair and Replacement – C.K. Brush – 309-808-3768

Whether your system needs repair for minor leaks, you need assistance locating and repairing a hidden leak within your intake pipes or if you need replacement of entire sections of your plumbing pipes immediately, C.K. Brush is ready with the best solutions.

So, do you suspect you may have a broken pipe but aren’t completely sure? Wondering if repairs will be sufficient or if replacement is the better option? Here are some things homeowners should know regarding plumbing pipes and what causes problems with them:

For starters, it’s helpful to know that not all plumbing pipes are the same. Unfortunately, there are some pipes that are more vulnerable to breaking than others. Typically, the older the pipes, the more susceptible the material can be to leaks, corrosion and simply deterioration. The older a home or commercial building may be, its pipes are probably old as well. If your house is older, you can probably expect the plumbing pipes are aging and could be having problems due to deterioration.

During the 1960s and 1970s, for instance, a lot of homes were constructed with galvanized pipes. Unfortunately, they can be prone to corrosion over time, which eventually results in leaks and backups that result in water damage. Because repairing corroded pipes is not plausible, replacing them is much easier and far more effective. During the 1990s, some homes were made with plastic pipes that can sometimes be prone to hairline fractures. More modern copper plumbing pipes, on the other hand, tend to last a lot longer and are resistant to corrosion more than many older pipe materials.

Plumbing pipes are manufactured from a variety of materials. In general, the most common pipe materials are copper, PVC, steel or lead. Once you know what material your pipes are made of, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of the way your plumbing system functions and how you can help maintain it.

If you’re noticing a fracture or rupture with one or more of your plumbing pipes, it’s likely the result of age, strain, corrosion, rust and:

-Defective construction of the pipes.

-Lack of maintenance or faulty repair of pipe leaks.

-Frozen pipes.

-Plastic pipe malfunctions.

-Clogs and back up.

-The effect of hard water.

-Water pressure is too high.

-Invasive tree and plant roots.

There’s no reason to take any unnecessary risks with respect to the safety of your household’s water supply. Water damage resulting from a pipe fracture can lead to drywall and wood rot, spread of mold and mildew, rusty metal, warped plywood and even damage to your possessions.

When customers call C.K. Brush for solutions, we’ll make it a top priority to dispatch one of our experienced Plumber Bloomington IL to assess your plumbing pipes and recommend your most cost-effective options for restoring reliable service.

Some of the most common warning signs of the need to call a Plumber Bloomington IL for pipe repair or replacement:

-Lack of water. We’ll start with the most obvious sign of a problem with your plumbing system. Without a doubt, there are few problems as disruptive to a household or commercial building than turning on the tap and no water coming out. When you have lack of water, the cause might be an obstructed water main or a major leak. But whatever the problem may be, it’s best to call a Plumber Bloomington IL right away to restore your water.

-Water pressure is too low. Weak water pressure usually indicates that something is not working right within your plumbing system’s interior. In some cases, insufficient water pressure is not a major problem if the pressure drop is limited to one fixture.

If you’re experiencing low water pressure issues throughout your whole home, however, it probably indicates a significant leak or clog. Have a Plumber Bloomington IL address it as soon as possible.

-Your toilets are overflowing. Toilets are prone to overflowing from time to time. But when it keeps happening regularly, it’s almost always due to a problem that’s going to require professional plumbing solutions. While plunging an overflowing toilet may help temporarily, too much plunging can actually do more harm than good to the toilet as well the pipes. Your toilet’s issue is probably a backup inside the drain pipe, which is typically beyond a DIY project. Fortunately, our experts will be able to clear your system’s drain pipe and restore proper function fast.

-A “sweating” water heater. Similar to how a bottle of pop does on a warm day, water heaters may start to form moisture if they have a leak. Minor leaks will often tend to be a warning sign of bigger problems to come. If you’re seeing water droplets collecting on the exterior of your water heater or water pooling around the base of the unit, call C.K. Brush and we’ll dispatch a Plumber Bloomington IL right away.

-Lack of hot water. There are quite a few things that can cause loss of hot water. For example, it may be possible that your water heater’s pilot light is out. Or, it could be that your water heater’s tank is simply not large enough to keep up with your household’s hot water consumption. Another possibility is the tank has a crack or leak.

Whatever is causing the lack of hot water, it’s certainly a major inconvenience for any household and calls for prompt Plumber Bloomington IL services.

-The odor of gas. In the event you detect the telltale odor of gas, evacuate your house or commercial building immediately. Call a Plumber Bloomington IL and your utility provider to inform them of the situation. They’ll switch off the gas and repair whatever is causing the potentially hazardous leak.

Need a New Water Heater? Schedule Installation by an Experienced Plumber Bloomington IL – Call C.K. Brush at 309-808-3768

Water heaters generally last anywhere from eight to 15 years. Newer units can last longer with proactive maintenance. If your home’s water heater isn’t working, leaks or needs replacement, C.K. Brush can help. We’re Bloomington’s source for reliable water heater repair and installation.

Water heater issues such as sediment accumulation not only compromises your unit’s effectiveness, it also tends to reduce its service life. Knowing how water heaters work and scheduling routine maintenance will keep yours in good condition for years to come.