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Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL

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The wastewater removal system in a house or business consists of fixtures, drains and pipes. These items are connected to the most vital plumbing component of all – the main sewer line. Because a sewer line is in use regularly, it may eventually clog with debris.

It is also possible that the line may collapse, which can lead to expensive repairs or replacement.

The last thing a home or business owner wants to contend with is a clog or collapsed sewer line.

Clogged sink drains are relatively common. A minor clog in one drain may be inconvenient, but it is usually a simple repair. If all of the drains start to back up simultaneously, the cause might be a main sewer line clog.

Warning Signs of a Back-Up Problem – Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL

A sewage back-up in your home or business can be distressing and hazardous. Fortunately, by knowing the signs of a sewage back-up, you can take the necessary steps to repair the problem and contact us for Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL.

Slow Draining in Multiple Fixtures
Multiple drains that run slowly indicates that wastewater cannot easily pass through the pipes and sewer line. The cause might be a blockage or a break in the pipe. Avoid using liquid drainer cleaners. They will not help. Slow drainage in the basement or first floor could be the first sign of a back-up.

Malfunctioning Plumbing Fixtures
Water should never back up through a bathtub or shower drain when a toilet is flushed. Also, water bubbling up in a toilet bowl is a sign that something is wrong. These are all indications of a sewer line problem.

Sewage Odors Coming from the Drains
A significant sign of a mainline sewage back-up is a nasty smell. This problem is possible if a sewage smell comes from the drains or a persistent sewage smell in a home.

Sewage Leaking from a Cleanout Pipe
Sewage leaking from out of a pipe in your yard or basement is a sign of a sewage back-up. The leakage is coming out of a cleanout pipe. If a sewer line backs up, wastewater tries to move through the cleanout pipe. An obstruction will often lead to a leak from the cleanout pipe.

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Changes in Your Lawn – Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL

A sewer line typically goes from your home, under the front lawn, and into the municipal sewage system. Changes to a lawn are often an indication of a sewer line issue. Breaks in a sewer line oversaturate the ground below the surface leading to indentations in the yard.

This oversaturation, when it has not rained or snowed recently, might result from a broken sewer line.

Possible Causes of an Obstruction – Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL

Saging a Sewer Line
Over time soft ground or other soil conditions might cause sections of plumbing pipe to sag. The lower sections in the line begins to catch waste and cause blockages to form.

Homeowners cannot control sagging pipes under a lawn, so the issue must be addressed with Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL when it becomes a problem.

Tree Roots
Tree roots grow and spread out in search of water sources. Aging sewage lines made from porous material like clay are a frequent source of water for roots. The roots can also get into older pipes through cracks and small breaks.

The joints are also vulnerable because the seals were not as complete as the PVC pipes in use today.

If roots get into sewer lines, they will only get bigger and eventually risk pipe fractures.

Damaged Pipes
A ruptured sewer line will not allow sewage to drain through the system properly. Breaks or ruptures happen for different reasons. An older pipe corrodes and weakens over time. Joint leakage can also be caused by a broken seal.

Water and sewage can leak out of broken seals in the joints between the pipe sections.

Also, conditions above the pipes affect the lines. Heavy equipment usage above the ground, soil settling, or increased traffic over the lines can all contribute to line ruptures.

Grease Build-up
Avoid pouring oil, grease or other similar substances down your drains. Running warm water won’t help to break up grease and move it through the pipes, either. The grease in the line will soon cool off then start to harden and stick to the pipes.

This will, inevitably, lead to stubborn clogs. Pour hot grease into a can or jar, let it solidify and then dispose of it.

Flushing Debris Down the Toilet
It is important to remember that your toilet is not a trash can. Treating it like one will lead to sewer problems. The main thing to keep in mind is that toilets should only be used for their intended purpose.

How Do I Fix a Sewer Line Problem?
A homeowner can handle certain plumbing and drain cleaning maintenance tasks. However, Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL, repair or replacement of sewer lines are typically not a DIY project. Main sewer line problems are an issue than need diagnosis and solutions by an experienced, licensed plumber.

Options for Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Video Inspection
It is necessary to begin by determining the source of the back-up through an inspection. A high-resolution video camera inserted into the sewer lines allows a technician to determine where the plumbing problems are occurring.

The Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL technician then assess the video images.

A radio transmitting device upon the camera captures the line’s physical location and how far it is from ground level. Pinpointing this location is beneficial to planning and implementing the repair.

If a sewer line will require cleaning, repairs or replacement there are a few options to consider.

Cleaning Out the Clogged Sewer Lines – Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL

Invasive plant roots can grow into a major clog. Some of the techniques we utilize to remove a clog in a primary sewer line include:

Auger: An auger breaks up obstructions from invasive plant roots as well as materials that accidentally went down the drain. A commercial plumber’s auger can reach down into the sewer lines at a considerable length.

Hydro-jetting: This Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL technique utilizes highly-pressurized water to scour the interior of drainage lines. It removes solid waste materials, tree roots and grease.
A broken underground pipe or infiltrations through a broken pipe could also prevent waste flow.

Repairing or replacing the line through one of the following methods may be necessary:

Trenching: This traditional sewer line repair or replacement method involves utilizing a backhoe. The operator digs into the areas around the line to allow easier access to the problematic area. There are times when this method might be the only practical solution.

Trenchless: In trenchless repairs, tiny access points are made where the faulty pipe begins and ends. Then,  Pipe Cleaning McLean County IL technicians pulls new pipe through the existing pipe. This destroys the old pipe while at the same time laying new sections of pipe.

Trenchless repairs are a lot less disruptive to driveways and lawns in comparison to trenching.

Never Ignore a Sewer Line Problem

While the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a sewer line problem, ignoring it will not help. In fact, it could make matters worse. Sewage backups are messy and hazardous. If you see signs that a clog is forming or your line has collapsed, contact a plumbing professional and have it inspected right away.

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