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Heating Contractor Heyworth IL

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If you need repairs or routine maintenance for your home heating system, count on the experts at CK Brush. From your furnace to your home’s ductwork system, we can perform whatever repairs are necessary to restore performance.

However, there are a few steps you can take to help your comfort system operate safely and efficiently.

Heating Contractor Heyworth IL

-Proper airflow is central to the performance of your HVAC system. One of the most helpful things you can do is regularly chance your furnace filter. In general, you should change the filter once per month, especially if you have pets in the house.

A dirty furnace filter impedes the correct airflow that is so necessary for effective warm air distribution and comfortable temperatures.

Also, dirty air filters can affect indoor air quality. If you’re observing a lot of dust in your home’s air recently, try changing the furnace filter.

-If you run a portable space heater for extra heating, remember to turn it off when you leave the house. A space heater can pose a safety risk and should only be in use when you are at home to monitor it.

-If there’s a fireplace in your home, close the damper when you are not using it. If the damper is left open, it creates a vacuum that pulls the warm air out of the house. Obviously, this is wasteful and could increase heating bills by causing the furnace to keep running.

Among the best steps a homeowner can take to assure year-round performance is to schedule a heating maintenance appointment. Our Heating Contractor Heyworth IL technicians can keep your furnace in top condition so your household remains comfortable all year.

Contact your Heating Contractor Heyworth IL at 309-808-3768 for affordable rates on professional HVAC repairs and new installation.