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Heating Contractor El Paso IL

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The gas flame in your furnace should burn at a consistent blue color. If the flame appears yellowish or starts to flicker, it’s a warning sign of a faulty burn. Also, it’s a sign that your furnace may be emitting hazardous carbon monoxide. Some other warning signs of this risk are soot streaks near the furnace or lack of an updraft in your chimney. Additional warning signs include moisture forming on the windows, rusting flue pipes and water leaks at the base of the chimney.

Heating Contractor El Paso IL

Similar to the other main appliances in a household, strange sounds coming from the furnace are a sign of trouble. Likewise if the unit’s blower continually runs or switches on and off. These are signs that you should schedule service from a Heating Contractor El Paso IL. Our technicians will either repair your furnace or recommend replacement if your furnace is at the end of its lifespan.

Another indicator of furnace problems can be in the form of physical symptoms among your household.

For example, if your family members are experiencing nausea, headaches or dizziness it might be the result of furnace problems. As furnaces get older, they can become susceptible to structural cracks. Consequently, that can allow toxic gases to escape into the home. If you’re experiencing these physical symptoms, immediately open some windows and contact your gas company.

After it’s safe to enter your home, call CK Brush for Heating services. Our techs will assess your furnace and advise if it is repairable. If replacement is your best option, we can recommend a furnace that will be ideal for your home heating needs.

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