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Heating Contractor Downs IL

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Like any major appliance, your home’s furnace requires consistent maintenance from a professional Heating Contractor Downs IL for optimal performance. At CK Brush, our HVAC experts are available to ensure your furnace keeps your home comfortably warm without disruption. However, there are a few things homeowners can do to help prolong the lifespan of their furnace. For example, changing the furnace filter regularly is one of easiest – yet also important.

Heating Contractor Downs IL

Replacing a furnace filter takes just a minute or two. But sometimes busy homeowners will simply forget about it until a problem develops. At a minimum, remember to change your furnace filter at least once per season. If you own a pet, you’ll want to change the filter more frequently. Homes with cats or dogs – or both – will naturally require more frequent changes.

If there is someone in your family who suffers with allergies, it’s a good rule of thumb to change your filters once per month. Talk to your Heating Contractor Downs IL for specific recommendations about the best filters for your furnace.

In the event that you change your filter but still detect strange odors or weak air flow, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll dispatch an HVAC technician to check out your furnace and ductwork to identify to problem.

In general, it’s a smart policy to replace your furnace filter once per month even if you don’t have allergies or pets.

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Along with home heating services, CK Brush provides many other services that will keep your home comfortable. We offer a full range of plumbing, sewer and drain cleaning solutions. In addition, we service and install major appliances like water heaters and garbage disposals. Schedule service or an estimate today at 309-808-3768.