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Garbage Disposal

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After professional garbage disposal repairs, you’ll be free to again use your kitchen sink without concerns. If your garbage disposal is showing signs of clogs or simply not working, call the team of experts at CK Brush for affordable services that will restore proper function.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to mistakenly overload their garbage disposals with bones or other large amounts of food waste. Many people are not aware that the design of a garbage disposals does not handle big quantities of food debris. Frequently, overloading your garbage disposal will result in a problem. If you see your disposal is no longer working properly, call CK Brush to schedule a service appoint. We can repair any brand or model of garbage disposal on the market.

Garbage Disposal

So, how do garbage disposals work? Your disposal sends food particle waste to the local wastewater treatment plants via the sewer line. At the treatment facility, it’s broken down and turns into fertilizer.

A disposal consists of many components working together to grind up food waste. Because of the complexities of the device, even a minor issue can result in a malfunction. If you observe any of the following, call CK Brush for speedy repairs to your disposals.

Because disposals are for grinding food waste, even a minor buildup will result in unpleasant odors. To avoid that and other problems, we advise scheduling regular maintenance for your disposal. During our service appointment, we can demonstrate the proper methods for cleaning your disposal.

Contact CK Brush to speak to a plumber about disposal repair or for installation of a new disposal. Get started today!

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