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Drain Cleaning McLean County IL

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Signs of Sewer Pipe Damage
The drainage lines at your home or business might incur damage before you start experiencing complete sewer system failure. For instance, cracks, pipe misalignment and intrusive tree roots can all cause serious problems for drain lines. Don’t allow your plumbing to reach the point of service disruption! A collapsed or failing sewer line can cost much more to fix than regular preventive maintenance. Drain Cleaning McLean County IL

Drain Cleaning McLean County IL

Sewage Line Blockages and Backups

Drain Cleaning McLean County IL – The lower open drain is generally where a sewer backup will occur. A backup is usually the result of an obstruction somewhere within the lines. If you notice a backup after flushing a toilet or running water down a sink, then the obstruction is probably in your primary sewer line. All of the drain in a system depend upon the primary sewer line for proper drainage. However, when the backup only occurs with one drain, then the problem is usually isolated.

Regularly-occurring backups can be a sign of deteriorating or broken sewage lines. If backups keep occurring even after a sewer pipe cleaning, the cause could be invasive tree roots or cracks allowing soil to get in the pipe. A misaligned connections are also a common cause. A video inspection of the sewer line is an ideal way of identifying the cause of a sewer backup.

Drain Cleaning McLean County IL – A few of the common signs of a sewer line problem include:

-Unpleasant odors. Are you noticing the telltale odor of sewage gas around your residence or building? There could be a crack within the sewer drain system. A sanitary, functioning sewer system remains airtight except for ventilation stacks that enable the sewage to flow downhill. You shouldn’t smell sewage odors unless there’s a gap in your sewer lines. – Drain Cleaning McLean County IL

-Mold problems. Besides foul odors, the growth of mold might also indicate a break within a sewer line, particularly behind walls. There are types of mold that begin growing when humidity levels reach higher than about 55 percent. To that end, a sewage pipe with cracks can result in rising humidity to the point where it’s ideal for mold problems. If you see areas of mold growth in your residence or building in addition to sewer odors you probably have a fracture within your drainage pipes.

Drain Cleaning McLean County IL-  Slow drains. This is another symptom of an obstruction forming in a drain line. Eventually, it will lead to a backup that requires drain cleaning. If slow draining occurs with your sinks or tubs the cause could be tree root intrusion, cracks or channeling.

Note that using over-the-counter chemicals to clear drains is not advisable. While chemical drain cleaners can provide a temporary solution, the chemicals can corrode the interior of the pipes.

-Patches of extra-green grass growth in your yard. Because sewage acts as fertilizer, leakage from a main line into nearby soil can give the grass lots of nutrients for growth. That can result in patches of particularly lush grass.

-Indentations in the yard. Another sign of a broken sewage line, indentations in your yard or underneath pavers calls for immediate service. Cracks in a sewer system’s main line that continually saturates the soil can cause it to dissipate. This, in turn, causes your yard to develop indentations
where the line runs.

-Drain Cleaning McLean County IL – Cracks in the foundation, sinkhole. More signs of deteriorating sewer pipes include cracks forming in your home’s foundation slab. When the main line underneath the slab starts leaking, it’s essential to act promptly and schedule repairs. If left to continue leaking, a void will form beneath the foundation or in the lawn. This can result in foundational problems like cracks, settlement of your house or even sinkholes.

-Septic waste accumulating in the yard. A clean warning sign that you might have a busted sewer pipe is the pooling of septic wastewater in your backyard. A fracture in the septic tank could be the problem. Frequently, the problematic area will be found directly underneath the pooling wastewater. Drain Cleaning McLean County IL

-Rodent issues. This too is a possible symptom of a crack or misalignment somewhere along your sewer system lines. Rats can travel from your main sewer line connection to the pipes that run behind the walls in your home. Average-size rats are able to squeeze through a gap in a sewer line that’s as small as 3/4 inch. Likewise, insects might also be a sign of a sewer line break. Insects like flies and cockroaches can easily get through sewer line cracks into a home or commercial building. Drain Cleaning McLean County IL

Call C.K. Brush Plumbing & Heating for an inspection of your sewer and drain lines. If you’re experiencing these common signs of a sewer line break, it’s important to act sooner rather than later.

Naturally, there are some types of plumbing pipes that are able to endure against the elements longer than others. This applies especially to the common problem of root growth and intrusion. PVC and steel pipes, for example, are the least vulnerable to damage from invasive roots. Steel pipes are sturdy enough so that roots are typically not able to puncture them.

However, cast iron or clay pipes tend to degrade as time passes. They are much more susceptible to damages from invasive tree and plant roots. It is frequently more economical and effective to replace clay pipes entirely. Drain Cleaning McLean County IL

Preventive measures are an effective way of keeping roots from growing into your plumbing pipes and causing problems. Planting trees and plants that have limited roots where the pipelines are will definitively help avoid problems. Be strategic when it comes to your landscaping through planting shrubs and smaller trees that have minimal roots.

However, these issues are often out of the control of the homeowner. You can try to prevent pipe damage from invasive roots by installing a barrier in between the trees and the pipelines. Slow-releasing chemicals may can also help stop roots from interfering with pipelines. For example, spread potassium hydroxide along the pipeline to stop tree and plant roots from invading. Hydro-jetting is also an effective option for removal of invasive roots that clog main sewer lines.

Drains Backing Up? Here are a few common signs you should schedule professional drain cleaning:

-Slow drainage. Your drains won’t start malfunctioning out of the blue. There are a range of things that can cause slow drainage. Typical culprits often include hair, soap residue and objects that accidentially fall into the drain. Over time, clogs will form and continually impede proper drainage. Do not simply assume the drain will improve on its own. Without a doubt, the best plan of action is to schedule professional drain cleaning.

-Unpleasant odors. When you begin noticing foul odors emanating from the fixtures in your home, it’s probably on account of a plumbing problem. Those odors might be sewage gas or waste clogs in your drains. As soon as you detect this warning sign, call C.K. Brush to schedule drain cleaning right away. Drain Cleaning McLean County IL

Drain Cleaning McLean County IL – Recurring clogs. It’s probably not a coincidence if you must unclog your shower drains or toilets repeatedly. When you’re experiencing this, it’s a sign that there is likely a major blockage occurring inside your plumbing system. Our plumbers can use video technology to locate the blockage so we can remove it promptly.

Schedule Drain Cleaning McLean County IL by C.K. Brush at 309-808-3768.

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