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Dependable Commercial Plumbing for Your Business

Running a business is demanding regardless of its size and the field you’re in. Without a doubt, there’s always something or someone calling for your attention. The last thing you need is a plumber, sewer or drain problem interruption your daily operations.

From routine fixture repairs to installation of new appliances or drain line cleaning, CK Brush is your “go-to” provider. With our extensive experience, your plumbing repairs get done with a quickness and always at competitive rates.

At CK Brush everyone on our staff has a commitment to resolving your plumbing needs promptly and with best practices. From your first call to us at 309-808-3768 until we finish your repairs, you can rely on good service throughout.

Call CK Brush for repairs to:

Persistent Leaks

Naturally, leaks are among the most common problems we solve as plumbers. Faucets, fixtures, toilets and pipes are where leaks commonly occurs. If they go without repair for too long, leaks can become a significant problem over time. Also, leaks can present a hazard because they result in areas of mold growth.

Frequent Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are an ongoing problem for many commercial buildings such as restaurants. In addition, they can indicate a sewer line problem in some cases. As with leaks, clogs call for prompt solutions because they only get worse.

Lack of Hot Water

Just like it affects a household, a failing water heater is very disruptive for a business or commercial location. Commercial water heaters are often fairly complex devices in comparison to residential water heaters. Some businesses may need specific water temperature settings to fulfill their customer needs or industry regulations.

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