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Backflow Prevention

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A backflow preventer is a piece of equipment installed on water pipes. It permits water to flow in one direction only. Its sole function is to prevent backflow from contaminating drinking water.
When water flows into your home’s plumbing though a primary water supply line, it must only flow in a single direction. However, sometimes the pressure in pipes can change. Consequently, it can cause the water to flow backwards into the water supply line.

For instance, backflow can occur when there’s a rupture within the main water line. Or, after opening a fire hydrant for use. Since pressure declines in either of these examples, water no longer flows into the home. Instead, it flows backwards into the municipal water lines. When this takes place, backflow risks contaminating the public drinking supply with:

-Fertilizers and pesticides.
-Chlorine from hot tubs and pools.
-Soap residue from sinks, dishwashers and showers.

Generally, we recommend installation of a backflow preventer any place incoming water and wastewater may cross-connect. Consider a backflow preventer as a gate enabling water to flow from your municipal water supply into your home’s pipes. However, it stops water if from flowing back into the water supply.

Backflow Prevention

Newer homes in some cases feature built-in backflow preventers on specific water lines. But in order to verify if your home does have proper backflow prevention, consult with CK Brush. We advise having one of our plumbers take a look at your residential water system. If you do not have backflow prevention in place, we can install a device for you.

In Illinois, state law mandates installation of backflow preventers. Although many sprinkler systems feature an on/off valve, they are not sufficient in preventing the risk of backflow. In many situations, these valves will break or form leaks. As a result, contaminants can flow backwards into the water supply.

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