Sewer/Drain Repair

Sewer/Drain Repair

drain clog in Bloomington IL

Drain Cleaning in Bloomington IL


There is no one in town with more experience in sewer and drain work than CK Brush.  We are proud to have Tony Cottone lead our Drain and Sewer division.  With his wealth of experience you know you’re in good hands. From removing tree roots to fixing plugged kitchen drains and plugged toilets, we've got you covered. We have the latest equipment to camera your sewer lines to see what’s going on. When we are done, you get a copy of what we saw via our top of the line sewer camera service. 


Whether roots have penetrated your pipes or your kitchen sink is backed up, we can help solve your problem! Using a variety of tools & the latest methods in the industry, we will be able to ensure your home’s pipes & drains are completely back to normal. Some problems simply need more power than the drain cleaning solutions found at the local hardware stores, our drain cleaners will be able to expertly clean and improve your drain’s flow as if it were new!